Combo 2 – Complete Luggage Set
Combo 2 – Complete Luggage Set
Combo 2 – Complete Luggage Set
Combo 2 – Complete Luggage Set
Combo 2 – Complete Luggage Set
Combo 2 – Complete Luggage Set
Combo 2 – Complete Luggage Set
Combo 2 – Complete Luggage Set
Combo 2 – Complete Luggage Set
Combo 2 – Complete Luggage Set
Combo 2 – Complete Luggage Set
Combo 2 – Complete Luggage Set
Combo 2 – Complete Luggage Set
Combo 2 – Complete Luggage Set
Combo 2 – Complete Luggage Set

Combo 2 – Complete Luggage Set

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Explorer 30L color

Equip your bike like a pro!

With this luggage combo, you will be ready to tackle any adventure ahead.

This set contains everything you need to pack your stuff and keep it waterproof.


Why get this bundle?

  1. All you need in terms of luggage capacity
    With a total capacity of 179L / 47gal (Dry Bags and Packing Cubes not counted), you'll be all set to create any type of luggage combo regardless of how long you plan to leave home.

  2. Modularity is its strength.
    You can combine the bags and build your own, personalized setup that suits you and your bike best.

  3. Customize your setup.
    You'll be all set, not only for long travels, but also for your daily commuting and weekend trips, as you can create a medium and light setup as well from this kit.


The Setup

Outer bags

Adventure motorcycle luggage system

1. MotoBags (1 set)
The core part of your luggage system, where you also can attach smaller bags on the M.O.L.L.E. panels according to fit your needs. These semi-rigid sidebags have all the features of hard cases, but the safety of soft luggage as they flex when you fall over.

Choose between the Standard version with an integrated Quick Release System that can be adjusted to fit most tubular-shaped pannier racks, or our brand new Rackless version if you ride a BMW GS.

2. Overlander (48L) + Hydration Bladder (3L)
Our most modular bag that replaces a conventional top case and can be carried as a backpack. Just like our MotoBags, the Overlander has a semi-rigid design with a stiffening innerboard which makes it hold its shape even when completely empty.

Inside its "beaver tail" you store the separate Hydration Bladder, a must-have during adventures in hot weather.

3. Explorer (Black 30L)
A great duffel dry bag that expands your luggage capacity by 30L. It carries its own integrated strap system and is also equipped with an air-release valve for easy closing.

4. Ranger Tank bag (9L)
The Ranger Tank bag is 100% waterproof and does not need an additional rain cover to keep your belongings dry. The removable inner lining fastens with velcro and is equipped with 6 mesh pockets to help you organize your smaller belongings.

5. MiniBags (2pcs)
These great accessory bags that hold 6L each can be attached to your crash bars, MotoBags, luggage rack or to your Overlander. Integrated M.O.L.L.E. system for attaching smaller bags or sheaths.

6. Bottle Holders (2pcs)
Keep your drink bottles close at hand. They can also be attached to other bags that have a M.O.L.L.E. panel.

7. TallBags (2pcs)
Basically, a MiniBag cut in half size-wise, a bag perfect for our Tool Roll that's also included in this combo.

8. MicroBags (2pcs)
Super-convenient bags for fast and easy access to your smallest essentials. Store spare gloves, a power bank, charging utilities and other accessories in them.

Best luggage for adventure motorcycle


Inner bags

Dry Bags set (10L + 20L)
Perfect for storing smelly, wet clothes and shoes, or greasy tools and towels used during a roadside repair. These bags stop odor cross-contamination and will keep your dirty gear separated from your clean apparel.

Travel Packing Cubes set
Keep your clothes and apparel organized like never before with this 5-piece set! It includes 3 expandable bags, 1 shoe bag and 1 laundry bag. The expandable multi-zip design allows you to adjust volumes and compress bulky clothing – optimizing space and adapting to your needs.

Full Gear Combo for BMW GS

Tool Roll
Keep your tools organized inside our modular Tool Roll. Customize it to your needs with the 4 detachable tube-shaped inner bags. Preferably stored inside a TallBag or MiniBag to keep it dry.

What's included?

1x MotoBags set** (31+38L, 31+31L or 38+38L for pannier racks) + Inner bags
1x Rackless MotoBags*** (31+38 for BMW GS only) + Inner bags

1x Overlander bag 48L
1x Hydration Bladder 3L
1x Explorer Duffel Dry bag 30L Black
1x Ranger Tank bag 9L
2x MiniBags
2x MicroBags
2x Bottle Holders
2x TallBags
1x Travel Packing Cubes set
1x Dry Bags 10+20L
1x Tool Roll

** Please mention in the order comment what motorcycle model and pannier rack model you have. This way we can make sure that you chose the right set of MotoBags.

*** Please check our compatibility list before placing your order.

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