The Ultimate Motorcycle Tent

The MotoTent™ has the strength and durability to handle the roughest environments, all this at a minimal weight and supreme livability.


MotoTent™ Set Up

This ultimate motorcycle tent takes less than 10 minutes to set up. This video will show you how easy it is.


MotoTent™ Pack Up

Easy come, easy go, this motorcycle tent is just as easy to take down and pack up has it is to set up. See how to put away the MotoTent™ properly in this video.


"The Lone Rider"

Mini blockbuster starring the great Jean-Pierre Goy - a world-known motorcycle stuntman - as the Lone Rider and our MotoTent™ - as his fail proof tent. A GREAT story! Lots of motorcycles, intense off-road chasing, guns, bangs and bananas. Enjoy :)


"This moto tent is amazing!..."

"I couldn't believe how easy it was to set up a tent of this size." says Adam Sandoval, American rider-philanthropist known for his ScootinAmerica motorcycle adventure. Adam made a video review of his MotoTent™ and kindly shares it with us.


"Home away from Home"

That's how American adventure rider Danell Lynn called her MotoTent™ which accompanied her on her one year Guinness World Record motorcycle journey all across 48 states and Canada. See her video review of the tent below.


"... this tent is definitely the one I would take again!"

Jeremy Beuque travelled the world for 16 months with the MotoTent™ and his BMW F800GS. He shows us why he likes the tent!


"I would buy it again if I had to get a new tent right now."

In 2013 Ulrike Fell made her motorcycle trip to Norway: from Cologne - crossing the Arctic Circle, Lofoten & Vesteralen (Whale Watching) - to North Cape. Here's her video review of the MotoTent™ which was her travelling companion during this adventure.



No more excuse not to have a tent anytime you might need! Designed by motorcycle riders for motorcycle riders, the MiniTent™ is a high quality, compact and very practical one person tent.


MiniTent™ Set Up

See how easy it is to set up the MiniTent™ in this simple instructional video.