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MotoBags - Semi-Rigid Motorcycle Bags

€ 448.50
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MotoBags - The Semi-Rigid Revolution

The MotoBags are back in stock!

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MotoBags - Motorcycle Bags 

👉 What’s included in a set of MotoBags?

- Two MotoBags
- Two inner, removable dry bags
- Two universal mounting plates and all necessary hardware to attach to racks
- Two MotoBag-specific locks


👉 Why are Semi-Rigid bags superior to aluminum panniers?

1) Lighter than aluminum panniers
2) Less dangerous than aluminum boxes in the case of a fall
3) Will not become damaged in the case of a fall
4) 100% waterproof (Aluminum panniers are NOT)

👉 Why are Semi-Rigid bags superior to soft bags?

1) Higher weight capacity than soft bags
2) Attractive shape is maintained, allowing better organization/access of gear


MotoBags - Motorcycle Bags

MotoBags - Motorcycle Bags

The MotoBags can be collapsed flat when not in use. The inner board just needs to be removed, as shown above.
The MotoBags come with a secure locking system, protecting your gear from the opportunist thief.
Many accessories of your choice can be easily fitted to the MotoBags thanks to the MOLLE system.


MotoBags - Semi Rigid Panniers for Motorcycle


Velcro patches of your choice can be attached to the front of the MotoBags.

Add a personal touch to your MotoBags with the Colored Straps (sold separately). Available in Blue, Red and Orange colors.

👉 Dimensions

MotorBags Motorcycle Bags Sizes of bags

38 Liter Capacity
Length: 44CM/17.32"
Height: 40CM/15.74"
Width: 24CM/9.44"
Weight: 6KG/13.22LB

31 Liter Capacity
Length: 44CM/17.32"
Height: 40CM/15.74"
Width: 20CM/7.87"
Weight: 5.7KG/12.56LB

👉 Racks and Offset rack systems

For motorcycles with offset racks:

BMW R1250 GS/GSA, BMW R1200GS/GSA, BMW F800GS/GSA, BMW F850GS/GSA, BMW F750GS, BMW F700GS, KTM 1290 Super Adventure, Honda Africa Twin, Triumph Tiger Explorer 800, Yamaha XT1200Z Super Ténéré, KTM 1190, KTM 1090

We recommend the following sets of MotoBags:

31+38 liters (You can add extra capacity with our MiniBags)


For R 1200/1250 GS and GSA, we recommend: 31+38L

This allows for a balanced motorcycle with asymmetric racks:

MotoBags on the Bikes


MotoBags Mounting System

PDF: Install Instructions Download

👉 What pannier/luggage racks are compatible with the MotoBags?


  • BMW OEM racks (1250GS / 1250GSA / 1200GS / 1200GSA / F800GS / F800GSA) Vario racks are not compatible
  • KTM OEM racks
  • Hepco Becker
  • Outback Motortek
  • Wolfman
  • Touratech
  • Givi (Trekker as well. Monokey racks compatible if adjusted – ask us how!)
  • SW-Motech EVO (SLC are not compatible)
  • SW Motech PRO: if you drill holes in the MotoBags aluminum plate.
  • HappyTrail
  • Metal Mule
  • Bumot
  • GIVI Monokey (just need to unscrew the parts that are sticking out. Takes 5 minutes)
  • Jesse (MotoBags will be inclined and parallel to the Jesse racks)

    Please contact us if you have pannier/luggage racks that are not listed here and we will help you.

    MotoBags - Motorcycle Bags

    MotoBags compatible with Outback Motortreck Racks


    👉 What luggage racks does Lone Rider sell?

    We produce and sell luggage racks for the following bikes:

    BMW: R1250 GS / Adventure, R1200 GS / Adventure

    HONDA: CRF1000L Africa Twin (-2017)

    KTM: 1290 ADV

    Purchase the Lone Rider Racks here:


    👉The material used to construct the MotoBags


    Hypalon is an extremely durable and waterproof performance elastomer utilized in products designed for extreme use; such as whitewater rafts, containment suits, and other outdoor equipment. The material is a very versatile polyethylene (CSPE) synthetic rubber (CSM) noted for its resistance to chemicals, temperature extremes, and ultraviolet light.

    By constructing the MotoBags with frequency-welded Hypalon along with Dyneema and Kevlar stitching, we are utilizing the best materials and construction methods available anywhere.

    The best in the world. The strongest in the world.


    👉 What riders say about the MotoBags


    Lone Rider Motorcycle Bags MotoBags mounted on Africa Twin

    Mike Stahl

    "Back from my trip. We traveled 5,500 kilometres through all types of terrain and weather conditions. The Motobags were absolutely excellent.
    First of all they were very easy to pack especially with the mesh bags that were included. The ... bags was a perfect fit for my Africa Twin. I was able to carry everything I needed (clothes, tools, food and camping gear) while still maintaining the low weight and balance of the bike.
    The internal dry bags were excellent and kept out the muck, dust and rain that we experienced.
    Installation was easy and they stood up to over 1,000 kilometres of rough terrain, bumps and shaking.
    I can't say the same for one of my riding companions hardbags which sheared off the mounting hardware.
    The Motobags are tough! Every detail of these bags has been well-constructed and thought out.

    Thanks for your communication and service and getting the bags to me as a tester. I like them so much - I'm keeping them! :)

    I've attached a few photos from the trip.

    Lone Rider Motorcycle Bags MotoBags mounted on Tiger 800 XC

    Jose Luis del Castillo

    "I have to say congrats on the product. I traveled 7,000 km through northern Spain, from Barcelona to Finisterre, crossing the Pyrenees, Aragon, Navarre, the Basque Country, Asturias and Galicia.
    I went through all types of terrain and all possible weather.
    The MotoBags have endured the falls, the rain, the hail, the sun, the dust, the rocks, the mud, everything.

    Everything is perfect, the interior is dry at all times, even in the ravines of the river.
    But the most important: I inadvertently stuck my leg between a stone and the Motobags ... Fortunately they are flexible, I avoided an injury! It would not be the same if these were hard panniers ..
    I must emphasize that the inner bags are very practical with excellent impermeability.


    Attached are some photos of the trip.

    Jose Luis"

    Lone Rider Motorcycle Bags MotoBags mounted on BMW R1200 GS

    Marc Bastin

    "During my recent motorcycle trip to the UK, I got into an accident... with a car coming from the opposite direction.
    The lucky part of that story? The right side MotoBag hit the car and it saved my life! It absorbed the majority of the impact! Saving me from serious bodily harm!
    I ended up on the ground, completely safe and sound, without injury!
    The car had sustained almost no damage; only some black scuffs on his white paint and on his headlight.

    If I had collided with the car with an aluminum pannier, I think the car would have had received a lot more damage, and I think that the impact would have been much more violent, probably injuring me.

    Oh, and... the bag itself is not torn!!


    Lone Rider Motorcycle Bags MotoBags mounted on BMW R1200 GS

    Pierre Hernikat

    "I just mounted my motobags, they are really beautiful.
    Light, lots of room, easy assembly and disassembly.

    I travelled for 4 days with the MotoBags and already 3 people asked me where they could buy them. I'm going to travel in the Alps mid-August, here are already some photos that you can publish.

    Have a good day"

    Lone Rider Motorcycle Bags MotoBags mounted on Ktm 1190 adventure R

    Freddy Ferrer

    "Thank you very much for the great professionalism in your service.
    The motobags are already mounted, they seem incredible, but I promise to send you other better photos, as soon as possible.

    If someone near Barcelona needs to see them to convince themselves of the quality, I am at your disposal.

    Again thanks"

    Lone Rider Motorcycle Bags MotoBags Facebook Post

    Tom Laso

    "Dunno if you guys know about Lone Rider MotoBags? I'm using them and love'em. I like the fact that I can fold them close to bike, when not in use and still put there my air compressor, tubes, tools, water, etc."

    Lone Rider Motorcycle Bags MotoBags mounted on BMW GS

    Sashidhar A Sundaramurthy

    "I am super excited. I love the bags. It looks cool. The bags seem solid as advertised. I finally see hypalon material. It's amazing."

    Lone Rider Motorcycle Bags MotoBags mounted on BMW GS

    Miguel Salinas

    "Bags fit well and no big deal to install on METAL MULE Racks, very straight forward Anna!!!!!!! They are great bags and very top quality materials!!!! I can’t wait for the accessories for the bags as soon as they are available. I was worried with the fitment on the Metal Mule racks, but I am very surprised with all the fitment options available..."

    Lone Rider Motorcycle Bags MotoBags Instagram Post

    Lynn Coetzee

    "Rode through heavy rains. All our luggage was dry inside our Lone Rider Luggage Bags. So easy to take out at overnight stops."

    Lone Rider Motorcycle Bags MotoBags mounted on Honda Africa Twin

    Jean-Luc Jld

    "Hi Anna and Fred,

    I had a problem with my motorcycle… I was driving on a beautiful road... and had a puncture of the front wheel... (with instantaneous deflation)
    I was driving at around 70 mph, and with a motorcycle, you can’t get away with that… My motorcycle flew through the air, so I did. I had the choice between the trucks in front of me or the left-hand side of the road lying 7 or 8 meters lower down… So of course I chose the later.
    I flew 40 to 50 meters and landed a bit further than my motorcycle. Thank God I’m safe, there’s just my left wrist which hurts me a bit and my right knee but I’m OK.

    The other incredible part is… the MotoBags held up remarkably well!!"

    Lone Rider Motorcycle Bags MotoBags mounted on BMW GS

    André Gueissaz

    "Hello Fred,

    I wanted to thank you for the MotoBags, they are great! Between July 27th and August 11th I went on a trip to Italy via Viverone, Modena, Tavullia (the stronghold of Valentino Rossi), Urbino, Canalicchio, Pisa, Recco and back to Lausanne in Switzerland, in total 2 300 km through the small roads, mountain paths, stony, passes and I must say that the MotoBags have fulfilled their role to perfection!
    Despite the heat, the bumpy roads no worries to declare, I am delighted.
    I will send you more photos later."

    Lone Rider Motorcycle Bags MotoBags mounted on BMW R1200 GS

    Trond Borge

    "Just got my bags installed and loving it so far. As a daily commuter that just sometimes need my side panniers the motobags are simply genius. Now I can split lanes as usually but still have the option to carry something if need be."

    Lone Rider Motorcycle Bags MotoBags mounted on Triumph Tiger

    Chris Pope

    "The bags have been excellent, coping with extreme torrential rain in Thailand and 47degree heat! They also kept my stuff safe during Thingyan in Myanmar when they were soaked and then exposed to 40degree heat every day for a week. They also got a good shaking on the terrible roads of India and Nepal."

    Lone Rider Motorcycle Bags MotoBags mounted on BMW GSA

    Hans den Oudeb

    "So here is a photo of my GSA with the Bags installed in their maiden trip in the Netherlands. They look very good indeed. My wife envies me and wants them too....


    Hans den Oudeb"

    Lone Rider MotoBags RIB motorbikes mounted on a BMW GSA


    "They are superb. Really good quality. Good accessories and very functional. I really like them. I’m going to put them to the test again next summer riding across Canada again. The MotoBags are expensive but will last forever and I can always move them to another bike - dollar for dollar they are about the same as racks and hard luggage price-wise."

    Lone Rider Motorcycle Bags MotoBags

    Bart and Jess (video)

    Video excerpt:

    "The strong materials and sustainable design make the MotoBags a traveler's best friends. We like the fact that Lone Rider listens to its riders and innovates their products during production.

    Also, we'd like to thank Fred and Lone Rider for providing the MotoBags for our bikes. We think they are the best on the market."

    > Watch full video on Facebook

    Lone Rider Motorcycle Bags MotoBags Comment on Facebook Post

    Denis Thebeau

    "I bought these and in my opinion, they are worth the money. Very good quality materials and workmanship. 200% waterproof (100%x2) with portable inner bags. Highly functional with military Molle system attachment on 4 sides and they are also beautiful."

    Lone Rider Motorcycle Bags MotoBags Comment on Thread

    AZQKR-Thread on Adventure Rider

    "I had a get off on a rock ledge section last Sunday riding with 7 others as the road turned from dirt to a hairpin turn onto the ledge that went 25 degrees vertical. My mistake, thought I was in 1st, but was in 2nd, and the bike stalled and down it went. No at any real speed mind you, but the lava rock is extremely sharp. To give one an idea how sharp the rock can be, while on SAR operations in the mountains, if you break your fall with your hand/s, you're opened up pretty good without gloves on. Didn't have time to dwell on any damage to the left bag, the side I went down on then, and got home after dark so just parked it in the garage that night. Next morning, power wash time as the bike was covered in dried mud/dirt from the water crossing. Pretty damned happy to report not a mark on the left LR 38L bag. That in comparison to the lower crash bar which got scraped pretty good and had to be touched up with some paint so the damaged area doesn't rust in the future. 5/8" HB steel tubing scraped/damaged, LR hypalon bag unscathed"

    > Read full Thread on Adventure Rider

    Motobags on R1250 -Justin Short

    Justin Short

    " Just a note to say that I'm back from my European tour and have caught up with the MotoBags. They are fitted and I'm really pleased with them, they look superb and the locks/liner bags all work brilliantly for us. Thanks again for all of your efforts to get them to me and we look forward to reviewing them more fully. Next the MotoTent "

    bozmotodual16 Thread on ADVRider

    bozmotodual16-Thread on Adventure Rider

    "Finally got mine mounted. Fit and finish is excellent. Looking forward to quick release though. Nice solution for locking the bags though."

    > Read full Thread on Adventure Rider


    Zsolt Somogyi  with her Lone Rider MotoBags

    Zsolt Somogyi

    "Now we are talking! It’s a dream bag!"


    Hylko Oosterloo withLone Rider MotoBags  in northern Norway

    Hylko Oosterloo

    "I used them for our first long trip and I am very satisfied with them. They pack lots of stuff. We are 2 persons on the bike and travel with full camping gear. Photo (bike not fully packed on photo) taken on the island of Øksnes in northern Norway (Vesterålen)"


    Lone Rider_MotoBags_in_Patagonia

    Silvio Brito

    "I recently traveled to Patagonia Chilean and Argentina and I liked MotoBags a lot, they answered me perfectly "


    Lone Rider MotoBags with a Dog

    Sashidhar Sundaramurthy

    "The Bags are perfect. This pic has been a total hit on Facebook. I can’t fit my dog anymore though :) "




    VADYM KOSTENKO  with Lone Rider MotoBags


    "Satisfied. A cool product!"



    Mattias grop with MotoBags and MotoTent

    Mattias Grop

    "I'm just want to tell you that I’m really happy with both my tent and my new MotoBags. The tent is so easy to set up and take down and rain is no problem for the tent. It keeps you dry. For this year I also did buy the MotoBags and I like them a lot. Easy to pack and perfect when you can take the inner bags with you. Also when I accidentally dropped the bike nothing happened to the bags. If I have had hard cases they probably would have bin bent"



    Eduardo Galaviz with the LR MotoBags

    Eduardo Galaviz

    "They have served me very welll, but I think you could implement an easier setup system, I also noticed that on long trips the exhaust gets very hot, but I imagine that it will be the case with any other brand. But I would definitely buy them again."



    Zane Lee

    "Got out for the first time this summer. Photos attached are of lake Tekapo in the Southern Alps in New Zealand. Bags are working well, Thanks for your help."




    Video: The MotoBags on the Road

    Video: How to wash your MotoBags



    PDF: Install Instructions Download

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