Meet the 2023 BMW GS Motorcycle Range: What's New?

Meet the 2023 BMW GS Motorcycle Range: What's New?

It’s common for manufacturers to update their model line every few years. Sometimes those changes are massive and involve all-new, or heavily updated, models. Other times, especially after a major change, OEMs will give their model lineup minor updates to keep things fresh.

BMW is no different. For 2023, it’s giving its models several little updates to keep them competitive in the market. For our purposes, we’re going to focus on the changes BMW has given to its uber popular GS family—from the baby G 310 GS to the godfather of adventure bikes, the R 1250 GS.

The bulk of these changes are added standard features, though there are others to note. Here  are the changes.

 2023 BMW R 1250 GS in Rallye Colors

R 1250 GS and R 1250 GS Adventure

We start with the flagship in BMW’s portfolio. For 2023, all R 1250 GS models sold in the US will automatically come with the Premium Package.

BMW must have sold so many of the Premium Package in 2022 that it decided to simply make it standard across the board. What’s more, real-time gradient tire pressure monitoring has been added to the Premium Package. 

The big news for ‘23 is that the GS comes in a GS Trophy edition, complete with an eye-catching Gravity Blue Metallic color that replaces the 40 Years GS edition from last year.. More than just a cool color, the GS Trophy edition includes cross-spoke wheels, radiator guards, frame guards, enduro pegs, a Rally seat, and a Sport windshield.

However, if you liked the previous colorways (other than the black/yellow 40 Years GS livery), those colors and graphics haven’t gone anywhere. 

2023 BMW F 850 GS

F 850 GS and F 850 GS Adventure

BMW’s middleweight ADV machine sees much of the same changes as its bigger 1250 sibling. That includes the GS Trophy edition livery, complete with a Tour windscreen, Enduro pegs, and a navigation bar above the TFT gauges to complete the go anywhere, do anything look. 

Instead of the Racing Blue Metallic colorway from last year, the ‘23 850 GS is now finished in Gravity Blue Metallic. However, if Racing Red or Style Triple Black were your favorite colors from last year, don’t worry. They’re back again this year.

Like the 1250, the 850s sold in the US will also all have the Premium Package with real-time tire pressure monitoring. Meanwhile, the F 850 GS Adventure gets all the same treatment as its smaller-tanked non-ADV sibling, except it won’t be available in the GS Trophy edition colorway. 

Kalamata Matte Metallic is its replacement, and yes, if you’re thinking Kalamata like the olive, it’s the same color. But don’t worry, Style Triple Black with Black Storm Metallic 2 and Light White are back, unchanged.

 2023 BMW F 750 GS

F 750 GS

We hate to say it, but the F 750 GS is often overshadowed in the BMW GS lineup by all of its siblings up and down the line.

The G 310 GS is better known because it’s a good starter bike, and even though it makes sense to move up to the F 750 GS after, many people think it makes more sense to bump straight up to the F 850 GS instead. As a result, the F 750 GS is left picking up the scraps. 

Need proof? For 2023, the 750 GS gets two updates: A new Light White/Racing Blue/Racing Red colorway and RDC realtime tire pressure monitoring as standard. However, like the 850 GS, if Style Triple Black or Light White are more your taste, those are back for 2023 with no changes.

2023 BMW G 310 GS

G 310 GS

The baby GS as it’s known, the G 310 GS is the gateway bike to enter the GS family and dip your toes in the world of light-duty adventure riding. Beginner bikes, as they’re known, don’t normally see big changes year after year, so it’s no surprise the 310 GS returns for 2023 unchanged from last year except for BNG—Bold New Graphics. 

The outgoing colors include Rallye Kyanite Blue Metallic, Triple Black, and Polar White. In their places are Rallye Kalamata Dark Gold Metallic, Cosmic Black 3, and Style Sport Polor White/Racing Red.

As you can see, 2023 doesn’t represent a massive shift for the GS line, but rather an adjustment to fall in line with market trends (for the big bikes) and some new colors and features on the smaller bikes to keep them fresh for the new year.

Mechanically you won’t find any surprises, but the updates themselves certainly appeal to our tastes. Check out our BMW GS product lineup.