5 Mistakes Riders Often Make in Season Prep

5 Mistakes Riders Often Make in Season Prep

As we're eager for the upcoming motorcycle season to start, it's important to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience through careful preparation. Today, we're taking a closer look on how to properly prepare for the motorcycle season and how to avoid common pitfalls.


Mistake #1 – Not doing a bike inspection

Mistake #1 – Not doing a bike inspection

Starting your motorcycle season without conducting a comprehensive inspection of your bike is like asking for trouble. If your motorcycle has been parked away for months, the risk is quite high that it's not quite ready yet to be taken out onto the streets until you've checked the following:

  1. Tires. First and foremost, check the tread depth and pressure, ensuring they meet the manufacturer's recommendations. Also don't forget to check for cracks and other damages. If in doubt, speak to your local repair shop.

  2. Brakes. When was the last time you replaced the brake pads? Are they fit for fight or worn down? Also test the firmness of the brake lever/pedal, neither of them should be mushy or making sounds.

  3. Fluid levels. This includes motor oil, brake fluid, and coolant. Most manufacturers recommend to check the oil level when the bike is positioned straight (on center stand), the engine is warm and has been shut off for 10 minutes.

  4. Suspension. Can you see any leaks? Does the suspension make any strange noises when being compressed? If so, make an appointment at your local repair shop as suspension requires a lot of knowledge and tools to service.

  5. Nuts and bolts. Make a thorough check of all nuts and bolts, making sure that not a single one is loose.


Mistake #2 - Not starting off slow and easy

Mistake #2 - Not starting off slow and easy

After a longer break from riding, it's important to start off with caution and ease, and to have a relaxed first ride. While the thrill of riding fast is undeniable, the consequences of an accident are certainly not.

In some places, there might still be gravel or debris on the road until late May. Stay extra focused, especially at the beginning of the season when there's more potential danger. Also, keep in mind that other drivers may not be used to sharing the road with motorcycles yet, since it's early in the season.

Expect the unexpected!


Mistake #3 – Not gearing up properly

Mistake #3 – Not gearing up properly

Your safety gear is a critical part of motorcycle riding. It can literally mean the difference of going home with just bruises or spending weeks at the hospital. Personal equipment is the last thing you should save on, generally speaking.

When checking your current gear, make sure your helmet is undamaged and fits securely. The visor should be free from scratches and you should make a fog-up test to see if you need to apply some anti-fog or even a pin-lock system.

A back protector, shoulder and elbow armor, along with hip and knee protectors, are all important pieces that you should never ride without. The same goes for your boots, they should be sturdy enough to protect your feet and shins if the bike falls over and you get caught between it and the ground.

High-quality safety gear is essential for protecting yourself in the event of an accident, making it a priority before hitting the road.


Mistake #4 – Not refreshing your Riding Skills

Mistake #4 – Not refreshing your Riding Skills

Riding a motorcycle requires a unique skill set, and the start of the season is an ideal time to refresh and enhance those skills. If you're a beginner rider, we recommend enrolling in a refresher riding course, where experienced instructors can provide valuable insights and address any bad habits that you may have developed.

But even seasoned riders can benefit from revisiting basic skills, such as braking, cornering, slow-speed balance skills and of course emergency maneuvers. As an adventure rider, it's always good to participate in offroad riding courses, as the skills you learn there can also be applied on the road.


Mistake #5 – Not expecting Unpredictable Weather

Mistake #5 – Not expecting Unpredictable Weather

Springtime often brings unpredictable weather, and being prepared for sudden changes is crucial. We recommend checking the weather forecast before each ride and dressing accordingly. Keep a set of rain gear on hand for unexpected downpours, if your riding gear isn't waterproof. It's not very uncommon with sudden snowfall this time of year either, so keep that in mind when you're heading out.

Riding in adverse weather demands extra caution, so be prepared to adjust your speed and maintain a safe following distance. And as always: a good habit on staying safe on the road is to expect the unexpected!