2024 BMW R 1300 GS Officially Unveiled: Lighter, Slimmer, More Powerful

2024 BMW R 1300 GS Officially Unveiled: Lighter, Slimmer, More Powerful

BMW Motorrad, the epitome of precision and innovation in the adventure motorcycle world, has once again outdone itself with the release of the highly anticipated R 1300 GS adventure motorcycle.

The outgoing R 1250 GS, nothing short of excellent, had held its ground as the benchmark for adventure motorcycles. However, with technological advancements sweeping across the ADV motorcycling segment, the time was ripe for BMW to unveil a new masterpiece.

Meet the 2024 R 1300 GS, available in three variants and with the typical packages. This new GS promises increased power, reduced weight, a revamped suspension, a new frame, and radar technology.

Once again, BMW has done it. This isn't just an upgrade; it's a reimagining of adventure on two wheels.

2024 BMW R 1300 GS headlight

The Heart of the Beast

At the core of the R 1300 GS is BMW's iconic boxer engine, which has been setting benchmarks for 43 years.

The new 1,300cc boxer engine is a powerhouse, delivering a claimed 145 hp at 7,750 rpm and 149 Nm (110 lb.-ft.) of torque at 6,500 rpm.

This power boost primarily results from the revised cylinder dimensions, measuring 106.5 x 73.0mm.

This entails a 4mm enlargement in the bore diameter and a 3mm reduction in the stroke length. The expanded bore provides space for larger valves (44mm intake and 35.6mm exhaust), while the installation of new cams optimizes the engine's breathing performance.

The result? 9 additional horsepower and 6.7Nm (5 lb.-ft.) more torque than its predecessor.

BMW ensures a minimum of 130 Nm (96 lb.-ft.) of torque between 3,600 and 7,800 rpm, guaranteeing power at your fingertips.

Innovations don't stop at the power figures. BMW has introduced ShiftCam technology, which varies intake-valve timing and lift. This enhances fuel efficiency, provides a smoother ride during cruising, and boosts performance under heavy load.

The exhaust system is equally impressive, with a 2-into-1 stainless steel design and a closed-loop catalyzer system controlled by an oxygen sensor.

Not only does this system comply with current exhaust emission standards, but it's also ready to meet future requirements.

Redesigned Transmission

The transmission gets a makeover, relocating beneath the crankshaft and integrating into the engine case. This reduces engine weight by 3.9 kg (8.6 lbs.) and overall drivetrain weight by 6.48kg (14.3 lbs.).

Shorter transmission shafts and improved mass concentration enhance handling and agility.

The wet clutch comes with mechanical assist and slipper functions, while the optional Shift Assistant Pro offers precise up-and-down quick shift action, thanks to a torsional-magnet sensor/signal transmitter.

2024 BMW R 1300 GS adventure motorcycle

Cutting-Edge Technology

Safety and rider assistance are paramount. The R 1300 GS Adventure features four standard riding modes: Rain, Road, Eco, and Enduro.

The optional Riding Modes Pro package adds three more modes: Dynamic, Dynamic Pro, and Enduro Pro, allowing for extensive customization of throttle response, traction control, and wheelie control. Engine drag torque control (MSR) is standard and adjustable in the Pro modes.

BMW introduces radar-assisted features like Active Cruise Control (ACC), Front Collision Warning (FCW), and Lane Change Warning (LCW).

ACC lets you set speed and follow distance, with the front radar maintaining the preset gap. FCW intervenes with braking to prevent collisions, while LCW monitors blind spots and provides warnings when changing lanes.

Connectivity takes center stage with a 6.5-inch TFT display that offers smartphone integration.

BMW's Multi-Controller connects to your smartphone and Bluetooth headset, enabling media and phone functionality without taking your hands off the handlebars. The BMW Motorrad Connected app even provides turn-by-turn arrow-led navigation on the TFT screen.

2024 BMW R 1300 GS

Enhanced Frame, Suspension, and Brakes

The new R 1300 GS Adventure boasts a steel sheet-metal frame for increased chassis stiffness in a more compact package.

The tubular-steel subframe of the previous model has been replaced by a die-cast aluminum unit, resulting in a shorter and slimmer rear end. These changes significantly enhance riding precision and stability.

For three decades, BMW's big boxer GS motorcycles have utilized Telelever front suspension.

The 2024 R 1300 GS continues this tradition with the new EVO Telelever and a rear EVO paralever suspension. The EVO Telelever combines stiffness and direct steering feel while maintaining stability for the best of both worlds.

Braking is handled by twin four-piston radial-mount front calipers and a single two-piston rear caliper, linked by BMW Motorrad Full Integral ABS Pro. The system intelligently adapts to both on- and off-road settings, with the rear ABS even deactivatable in the ABS Pro settings. Dynamic Brake Control enhances safety by reducing drive torque during braking, maximizing rear-wheel braking power.

Design Features

While it maintains a slimmer profile than its predecessors, the 2024 R 1300 GS unmistakably embodies the essence of the next-generation GS.

It embraces an enduro-inspired appearance characterized by a flatter aluminum fuel tank featuring a cushioned cover that seamlessly extends from the 850.9mm (33.5in.) tall standard seat.

The addition of a new LED headlight seamlessly integrates both high and low beams into a single projector unit, encircled by four LED running lights arranged in an X pattern. In its entirety, the R 1300 GS has shed an impressive 11.79kg (26lbs.) compared to its predecessor, presenting an even more lightweight appearance.

BMW emphasizes the optimization of the R 1300 GS's ergonomic triangle, creating a "sporty yet relaxed riding position". Furthermore, the Enduro Package Pro includes an optional handlebar riser tailored for off-road adventures.

To accommodate riders of diverse body types and riding preferences, BMW offers a range of options, including four-seat height choices, three distinct footpeg configurations, comfortable handlebars, and accessory hand and foot levers.

2024 BMW R 1300 GS specs

2024 BMW R1300GS Pricing/Packages:

The base model R1300GS starts at $18,895. In typical BMW fashion, the new bike is also available in three variants: Triple Black ($975), GS Trophy ($975), and Option 719 Tramuntana ($3,195), each adding unique features and aesthetics to cater to diverse preferences.

BMW also offers a range of packages:

  • Premium Package ($3,895): Headlight Pro, DSA, Riding Assistant, Shift Assistant Pro, Riding Modes Pro, Sport Brakes, central locking, preparation for navigation, chrome-plated exhaust manifold, Vario side and top case mounts, hand protector extension.
  • Comfort Package ($575): Electrically adjustable high windshield, centerstand, comfort passenger seat, comfort passenger footrests, luggage carrier.
  • Enduro Package Pro ($695): Handlebar risers, engine protection bars, enduro aluminum engine guard, short enduro handlebar levers, GS adjustable rider footrests, exhaust mount for single seat, adjustable foot brake and gearshift levers, large frame guards, tight-fitting turn signal stalks.

The 2024 R 1300 GS is set to hit dealerships early in 2024, and the base model is only the beginning of a world of possibilities.

BMW continues to push the boundaries of adventure motorcycling, and with the R 1300 GS Adventure, they've once again raised the bar.


2024 BMW R 1300 GS on road

2024 BMW R1300GS Highlights:

  • Completely newly designed boxer engine with bottom-mounted gearbox and BMW ShiftCam technology for varying the valve timing and valve stroke on the intake side.
  • Most powerful BMW boxer engine ever.
  • Powerful response across the entire engine speed range, exemplary fuel consumption, emission levels, running smoothness, and refinement.
  • Output and torque: 107 kW (145 hp) at 7,750 rpm and 149 Nm at 6,500 rpm.
  • Knock sensor system for optimized travel suitability.
  • Completely redesigned suspension with sheet metal shell main frame and die-cast aluminum rear frame. Even greater steering precision and ride stability thanks to the new EVO Telelever with flex element and revised rear wheel guide EVO Paralever.
  • Weight reduction of 12 kg compared to the previous model.
  • BMW Motorrad Full Integral ABS Pro as standard.
  • Four riding modes are standard.
  • Engine drag torque control (MSR), dynamic brake assist (DBC), and ride-off assistant (HSC) as standard.
  • Driving Modes Pro with additional riding modes as optional equipment ex works.
  • Dynamic Traction Control DTC as standard.
  • Electronic Dynamic Suspension Adjustment (DSA) as optional equipment ex works, with dynamic adjustment of the damping and spring rate, and also load compensation.
  • Adaptive vehicle height control and sports suspension as optional equipment ex works.
  • New matrix LED headlamp as standard.
  • Headlight Pro with adaptive turning light as optional equipment ex works.
  • Hand protectors with integrated turn indicators as standard.
  • Lithium-ion battery with Battery Guard (service function via BMW Motorrad APP) as standard.
  • Dynamic Cruise Control (DCC) with brake function as standard.
  • Riding Assistant with Active Cruise Control (ACC).
  • Front Collision Warning (FCW) and Lane Change Warning (SWW) for safe and convenient motorcycling as optional equipment.
  • Smartphone charging compartment with integrated USB socket and additional 12 V on-board power socket as standard.
  • Seat heating for rider and passenger for enhanced touring suitability as optional equipment ex works.
  • Handlebar riser by up to 30 mm as optional equipment ex works.
  • Wide range of seat height variants as optional equipment ex works.
  • Connectivity: multifunctional instrument cluster with 6.5-inch full-color TFT screen and numerous features as standard.
  • RDC, Keyless Ride, heated grips as standard.
  • Intelligent Emergency Call as optional equipment ex works.
  • Attractive basic variant along with the model variants.
  • Triple Black, GS Trophy and Option 719 Tramuntana.
  • Extensive range of optional equipment, Original BMW Motorrad Accessories.

Increased range of standard equipment in the new BMW R 1300 GS compared to the previous model:

  • Heated grips.
  • Keyless Ride (steering, ignition, and fuel tank lock).
  • RDC.
  • MSR.
  • BMW Motorrad Full Integral ABS Pro.
  • Cruise control DCC with brake function.
  • LiO starter battery.
  • Hand protectors with integrated turn indicators.

2024 BMW R1300GS Specs

  • Engine: DOHC, air/liquid-cooled, four-stroke flat twin w/ BMW ShiftCam
  • Displacement: 1’300cc
  • Bore x Stroke: 106.5 x 73.0mm
  • Compression Ratio: 13.3:1
  • Transmission/Final Drive: 6-speed/shaft
  • Claimed Horsepower: 145 hp @ 7’750 rpm
  • Claimed Torque: 149 Nm (110 lb.-ft.) @ 6,500 rpm
  • Fuel System: Electronic intake manifold injection
  • Clutch: Wet, slipper function; hydraulic activation
  • Frame: Steel sheet metal; aluminum subframe
  • Front Suspension: BMW Motorrad EVO Telelever, central spring strut; 190.5mm (7.5 in.) travel
  • Rear Suspension: BMW Motorrad EVO paralever; 200.6mm (7.9 in.) travel
  • Front Brake: 4-piston radial calipers, dual 310mm discs w/ BMW Motorrad ABS Pro
  • Rear Brake: 2-piston floating caliper, 285mm disc, BMW Motorrad ABS Pro
  • Wheels, Front/Rear: Light alloy cast; 19” x 3.00”. / 17” x 4.50”
  • Tires, Front/Rear: 120/70R-19 / 170/60R-17
  • Rake/Trail: 26.2°/4.4 in.
  • Wheelbase: 1620.5mm (63.8 in.)
  • Seat Height: 850.9 mm (33.5 in.)
  • Fuel Capacity: 18.9 liters (5 gallons)
  • Claimed Wet Weight: 237.2 kg (523 lbs.)