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Motorcycle Tent FAQ | Lone Rider
At 5.44kg (12lbs), the LONE RIDER's MotoTent™ is the lightest tent with a motorcycle canopy on the market. It is also one of the lightest tents where you can stand up and put on your gear while still in the tent.
After a few times, you will be able to set it up in less than 10 minutes. The color coded sleeves and poles make it super easy to assemble (even in the dark or while it's raining). You just have to slide the 2 red poles in the 2 red sleeves and the black pole in the black sleeve and peg it!
The MotoTent™ is made for 1 or 2 riders, but actually 3 persons could sleep in it! It will give you plenty of space for your gear whether you are alone or with a friend. After experiencing the comfort and superior design of our tent, you will not want to use other tents.
The motorcycle canopy of the MOTOTENT™ is 2.40m (7' 11") long, 1.3m (4'3") wide and 1.90m (6'3") high. It can therefore shelter all dual sport motorcycles on the market (BMW 1200GS, KTM990 Adventure, Triumph Tiger, Kawasaki KLR650, etc.) with large panniers, windscreens and any other additional accessories you may have on your motorcycle. Smaller motorcycles can obviously be put in the motorcycle canopy of the MotoTent™ and you could even use it for a romantic scooter weekend escape.
This is the vestibule of the MotoTent™ . Here you can cook while sheltered from the wind and rain. Or you can just sit down and relax while there is a storm outside, waiting for it to end while looking through the two windows. It is also useful for working on your motorcycle and storing wet gear.
The MotoTent™ is made for the motorcycle, so yes! It has a compact size of 60x20cm (24"x8") because we know that every inch counts when on a motorcycle trip. The carry bag has 4 loops so you can fit a bungee rope through it to insure the tent is secure on the back of your motorcycle. There are also reflective bands on the carry bag so you are easier to spot by other drivers when you are on the side of the road.
Like any motorcycle, it can tip over. So when the motorcycle is in the canopy it should be on its side stand leaning away from the sleeping part of the tent. This way, in case of any imbalance, the motorcycle will fall into the vestibule part of the MotoTent™.
The MotoTent™ includes mosquito nets for every door of the sleeping section. In hot weather, you can open the rain fly to have a nice breeze flowing through the tent while still being protected from the mosquitoes.
There is a hook in the vestibule area to hang your jacket. You can leave your boots next to your bike, where they can dry. All the clean gear can be put in the sleeping part of the tent or left on the bike. There is plenty of space in the MotoTent™ and no longer will you have to worry about crawling inside a small tent while trying to keep out dirt !
The tunnel design of the MotoTent™ makes it really resistant to high winds because of its flexibility and shape. If you set up the tent in high winds, face the sleeping part of the tent (the lowest part) into the wind and start by pegging the sleeping part of the tent to the ground.
There is no temperature rating for our MotoTent™. As a general guideline, you should depend on your sleeping bag to maintain your temperature and use your motorcycle tent to keep you and your motorcycle dry.
We created this tent because we wanted the perfect shelter during our long motorcycle trips. The fabric and zippers are of the highest quality. We also made the MotoTent™ UV-resistant, so the fabric retains its properties even after months of use in the sun. The MotoTent™ is also fire-retardant to the Californian CPAI84 standards. To sum up, we created it to have the best motorcycle tent for our own use and now we want to share it with the world!
Every MotoTent™ has all the necessary seam taping. The seam tape, along with the waterproof coatings on the floor and fly of the MotoTent™, ensure that the tents are waterproof right out of the carry bag. There is no need to apply any seam sealant to a new MotoTent™. If after several seasons of hard use you notice water coming through a seam, only then do we recommend spot sealing it.
Guy lines provide stability to the tent and should be used every time you pitch your MotoTent™. While it may not seem windy when you set up camp, you never know what the weather will be like while you are sleeping. Guy lines are most effective when staked directly into the wind. You can attach guy lines to trees or heavy objects like rocks. You can also attach multiple guy lines to a single stake.
Always store your tent clean and dry. It is recommended that you pull your motorcycle tent out of the carry bag and lay it out for a day every 3 months when not in use. This will help prevent damage to the coated materials. In the morning, if there is some dew on the tent, lay it out in the sun for a few minutes so it dries off before packing it.
Start by gently shaking out the dirt in your tent. Never pick up a pitched tent by the poles. Use a toothbrush or something similar and remove dirt and grit from all zippers on the body and fly. Rinse with water and allow to dry.
Every MotoTent™ comes with two pole repair tubes. Accidents happen while traveling in rough terrain and wind can be vicious, so we have included a metal repair tube for you to use in the event that you have a problem with your pole set. This item can be slipped over a bent or broken pole section to keep your pole system in working order until you get back to civilization.
After the initial pitch of your tent, you may notice that you have more pegs than individual guy out and stake points. We provide you with three extra pegs in case you lose some during your motorcycle adventures. Feel free to carry fewer pegs if you want to make the MotoTent™ even lighter.
Zippers are made of small moving parts that will wear with time and need to be maintained. We recommend cleaning your zippers' coils between trips with a toothbrush.
The MotoTent™ is for sale worldwide. After ordering it online through our shop you will receive your motorcycle tent in just a few days.